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The Past is Still Present

Whether you know it or not, your past lives effect you every day in ways both great and small:

* from the wealth of
health that you now enjoy
...(or if and how much you now suffer)
* to how much
money and abundance you have
...(or the debt you owe or the lack you are in)
* to the
relationships that bring you great joy
...(or unbelievable pain and enormous sorrow).

Test your knowledge of how past lives effect your life today. The karma you save may just be your own. Good Luck!

Instructions: Choose the best answer for each one of the questions by clicking on the RADIO button beside each choice. You will receive an email with your score if you enter an email address.

If you cannot wait for the email, click on the eye-con by your choice to see if you were right! A pyramid will appear beside the correct answer. May the Lords of Karma be with you!

1. Which of the following areas of your present day life do past lives influence you the MOST on the INSIDE?

a. The way you invest, spend, and handle your time
b. The way you earn, spend, and handle your money
c. The way you use personal power to get what you want
d. The way you truly feel about yourself on the inside
e. The way you view the God, the universe, and yourself

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2. Which of the following areas of your present day life do past lives influence you the MOST on the OUTSIDE?

a. The family you were born into and/or you married into
b. The careers (job/work) and hobbies (leisure) you have
c. The friends, coworkers, and acquaintances in your life
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

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3. Which of the following present day phenomena - evidencing past lives - is the most often experienced by the public?

a. Deja Vu Phenomena
b. Love at First Sight
c. Child Prodigies
d. Gender Conflicts
e. Xenoglossy

For present day evidence of the existence of past lives, click here

4. Which of the following present day phenomena - evidencing life after death - is the most often experienced by the public?

a. Electronic Voice Phenomena
b. Instrumental Transcommunication
c. Near Death Experience
d. Out of Body Experience
e. After Life Intervention

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5. Which ONE of the historical facts below is the ONLY one that is actually TRUE (and not really historical fiction)?

a. That Julius Caesar was murdered in daylight
b. The Salome caused the death of John the Baptist
c. That King Henry II did not plan Becket's murder
d. That 'Stonewall' Jackson was shot by his men
e. That Martin Luther died because of a stressful trip

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6. Support for belief in karma and reincarnation appears in which of the following world scriptures?

a. Bible: Old Testament (Judaism)
b. Bible: New Testament (Christianity)
c. Bhagavad Gita (Hinduism)
d. Dhammapada (Buddhism)
e. All of the above

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7. Which statement best describes the nature, purpose, and operation of karma, the universal law of cause and effect?

a. "Karma begins and ends in love"
b. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"
c. "It's my karma and beyond my control"
d. "Live by the sword, die by the sword!"
e. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

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8. Which of the following groups of people are free from the karmic effects of their past lives?

a. The religious clergy (priests, ministers, rabbis, monks)
b. The healing professions (doctors, nurses, healers)
c. Those "seriously committed" to their religious path.
d. Any person others consider to be "saintly or angelic"
e. None of the above

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9. Which statement best describes the role of present day free will and how it coexists with past life karma?

a. "All is free will, karma is an illusion"
b. "All is karma, free will is an illusion"
c. "Free will is stronger than karma"
d. "Karma is stronger than free will"
e. "Ultimately, karma and free will become one"

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10. Which of the following diseases or disorders are the most common result of past life carryovers?

a. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
b. Multiple Personality Disorders
c. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
d. Eating Disorders (Anorexia/Bulimia)
e. Schizophrenia

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11. Past life karma is the leading cause of which of these common present day dis-orders and dis-eases?

a. Heart Disease
b. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
c. Multiple Birth Defects
d. Cancer
e. Kidney Disease

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12. Which of the following prominent present day doctors endorse the effectiveness of past life healing?

a. Brian Weiss
b. Bruce Goldberg
c. Edith Fiore
d. Morris Netherton
e. All of the above

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13. Which of the following is the best combination of Colors, Gemstones, and Aromas for Past Life Healing?

a. Yellow, Carnelian, Sandalwood
b. Orange, Tiger's Eye, Frankincense
c. Green, Rose Quartz, Myrrh
d. Blue, Turquoise, Sage
e. Purple, Amethyst, Eucalyptus

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14. Which statement best describes why Past Life Healing can instantly and permanently "cure" an illness?

a. Past Life Healing acts directly on the Chakras and Aura
b. Past Life Healing acts directly on Cellular Memory
c. Past Life Healing Removes Unwanted Resonances
d. Past Life Healing helps the Cells to Shed Toxins
e. All of the above

To learn more about how Cellular Memory works, click here

15. How does your body usually tell you the truth about your Past Life Healing Session?

a. Uncovering Source of Unique Personal Habits
b. Hand Involuntarily Moving to the Effected Chakra
c. Involuntary Coughing
d. Involuntary Itching
e. Pain in the Effected Area of the Body

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